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Dog Rope Toy 3 feet 5 Knots

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  • DURABLE – 100% Natural Cotton Heavy Duty Rope is excellent for exercise, tug of war, and training. Washable cotton – Wash and leave it in the sun to dry. Not recommended for use with a clothes dryer.

  • TUG-of-WAR – Long enough an owner and dog or two dog Tug-of-War. Durable enough for playing retrieve and teaching drop it, leave it, and wait.

  • LEARN YOUR CHEW-IDENTITY – Use our picture guide. Free online training school subscription and e-Book delivered after purchase.

  • 3 FEET LONG - to prevent your dog from grabbing your hands with 5 Large Knots, and 1.6 Pounds of Fun – Dogs will chase, shake and chew for hours.

  • ANXIETY REDUCTION AND HEALTH BENEFITS - Distract your dog from destructive chewing. Oral health improves as they massage their gums and clean their teeth. Encourages instinctive, running, chasing, pouncing, and shaking play.

Roaming the Sawtooth Mountains of Central Idaho, hiking, fishing, and exploring defined our youth. Our pets safely with us every step of the way. They lived long healthy lives. We like to think it was due of this free spirited outdoor life, but the hours of patient training should also be credited.

Pawtooth was created to help us remember these lasting memories with our loyal companions.

Our Mission – Combine the best pet products with the best owner education so families can roam the outdoors safely with their pets while building life-long trusted relationships.

Owner education with a bit of directed play led to happy pets and happy owners. Together they build an unbreakable bond.

We hope our mission connects with your family. We hope our products become staples in your house. That you trust in the training resources. And ultimately we hope you build lasting bonds of trust with your pet while you both experience the outdoors.

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